Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Primavera P6-BPM Configuration

P6-BPM Configuration

Steps to integrate Primavera P6 with BPM Server:

  •  Login to P6 admin console:-  http://<host>:<port>/p6/action/adminconfig
  • Under configurations tab, expand ‘Custom’ tree.
  • Go to ‘Primavera P6 Configuration’ -> ‘Database’ -> ‘Insatnce[2]: Standard DB’ -> ‘BPM Settings’.
Configuration Screen

  • Under ‘BPM Settings’, Right-Click on BPM Configuration and Select Configure
BPM Settings

  • In BPM options table, provide details about BPM Server.

BPM Options
  • After changes, you will need to click OK here and Save on the previous screen.
  • Restart the P6 Server.

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